Standard CV Template for Bloggers

After some days working on a thought that crossed my mind some time ago I have finally decided to give it a try and publish it. As you may know, one of my ideas when creating this blog was to help the «activity» of blogging becoming a real «professional» job.

Every day there are many of us willing to live out of this, but it does not exist a general acknowledgment in the society that blogging is as good as a job as any other ( try to go to a bank to get a mortgage saying that you are just a blogger, even if many do have a much better salary than normal working people, I am doubting they will consider it as an serious option to endorse your application :-)).

So, to start with, I have created a standard CV template specific for bloggers in several languages. If, when seeking a job, everyone wishes to present a good CV, why wouldn’t we do it when applying to blog somewhere?

More and more, companies and networks need «professional bloggers» for their commercial and official blogs, we, as job seekers, should demonstrate our professionalism and give a good and positive impression.

On the page above, you will find in several languages a standard Blogger CV template. With time and your feedback I will of course improve it. I invite you to give our passion a push to make it a better organised and professional activity, and maybe one day the bank will just give us the mortgage directly just because we are «bloggers» :-).

I also invite you also to spread the idea. There are 70 millions blogs out there, so we are about 20 millions or more potential interested people, to whom this idea could be useful.:-)/p>

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